The tangle free multiple dog leash for 2 or 3 dogs

Multiple Dog Leash

The Friendly Dog Leash ® Walker, LLC

  • Multiple dog leash for two or three dogs.
  • Tangle free multiple dog leash
  • Dual or Triple dog leash with only one lead to hold
  • For the Dogs that pull – they pull on each other, not you!
  • No tangle leash works with different sized dogs off one lead.
  • Available in sizes for  Small, Medium and Large dogs.
  • Great gifts for those who need a 2 or 3 dog walker!
  • Great for dog walkers, trainers or dog day-care workers!

The Friendly Dog Leash” ® Walker
is extremely easy to use and comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, customized for your needs.
There are two parts of The “Friendly Dog Leash” ® Walker:

  1. The new design of our multi-dog leash “T-Bolt” coupler has thicker aluminum  and, improved welds that hold up better than ever for dogs that pull. The sturdy web handle ranges in length from 20″ – 25″ depending on the size of leash (small, medium or large) requested and gives you leverage to maintain control of your dogs.
  2. The Double Clipped Lead. This part has 2 high quality, spring loaded clips that attach to the “T-Bolt” and to the dog collar. This part is 40″ – 45″ in length for all leash sizes.

When you buy The “Friendly Dog Leash” ® Walker, you receive a Handle and two Double Clipped leads for a double dog leash. An additional Double Clipped Lead can be purchased to create a tangle free 3 dog leash. We suggest no more than three dogs on one lead. “If you have any questions regarding the weight of the dogs, on these leads, please contact us.  If in doubt, go to the next size up.  Look at the price list, for the weight limits on the multiple dog leashes.”

“If for some reason our dual dog walking leashes do not work for your dogs, we will refund your money, no questions asked! These leashes for dogs that pull work best, when your dogs walk in front of you. The new T-Bolt coupler design allows the dogs to walk over and under each other tangle free. If your dogs walk all around and behind you, this may not be the leash for you. This design makes even walking most large dogs easy. We have sold hundreds of friendly dog leashes for the past eleven years! We appreciate your business! Thank you.