Eddie and Roger

Young , active dogs need Friendly Dog Leash to be walked safely in our busy  townhouse community.My dogs Eddie and Roger look so much alike but are really quite different. Eddie is 18 months old and is a corgi mix while Roger is 5 years old and more Jack Russell. I use my Friendly Dog Leash at least 3 times a day because they are very active dogs and need to get out of our townhouse. For small dogs they are very strong breaking 3 retractable leashes in the past year. It is nice to not have to untangle them as the dart around picking different scents. I have also started using harnesses for Roger and Eddie. Not only are they better for the dogs but also keeps their feet  from being tangled up in the leads. As Susan said, if the leads become tangled or braided, shake them with the handle and the unique coupler will unravel them. I have checked Amazon.com, PETCO and PETSMART multiple leash systems and none looked as strong and well designed as Friendly Dog Leash.
Hickory, NC