Friendly Dog Leash Walker Experience

Tabitha wrote to us about her situation “Hi! So many on the market just wanted to know how yours is different from rest as it is a bit higher in price. I presently have 2 year old corgi and 12 week old… can it accommodate size difference and will it grow with the pup? Lastly….how long is the leash – I tend to walk my dog on long retractable leash do I don’t want something too short. Thank you for your reply!!!”

Sue Stewart wrote back “Hi Tabitha: Thank you for inquiring about our leash. The leash is different from the standard coupler system, because of the “T-Bolt Design”. If you will go to our website, you will see photos and videos of how it works. It does work with different sized dogs. What type of dog is the puppy? That will depend on what size you will need to order. I am also going to write you an email from my personal account. Feel free to call also if you have any further questions.”

Tabitha’s experience “Leash is fantastic! Have used it twice and it truly has made bringing baby and big brother on walks together a no brainier! I shared your site with a corgi Facebook page (people from all over the world) so I hope you get some biz!!!”


Friendly Dog Leash Walker – T-bolt

Friendly Dog Leash Walker is simply the best multiple dog leash for two or three dogs of different sizes and that pull!