Thrilled with The Friendly Dog Leash!!!

From: Brenda W. on 6/5/15:

Hello Sue:  I just received my two dog walker leashes and I must say, that I am not happy with them, I am THRILLED with them!!!!  I took the Chihuahuas out on a walk yesterday and they did perfect, with two dogs on two leashes.  I then added the third dog, then the fourth on one lead.  They did tangle themsevles up a bit at first, because that is alot of clips on one lead.  But then they got the swing of it and they all walked perfectly!  It was thrilling to walk all four on one leash, because it left my other hand free, for what else?  Dog clean up duty, LOL!!!  Thank you again, for the great service, a great product, and speedy shipping, even all the way up to the North Pole, Alaska!!!  Take care and I’m sure I will get noticed alot, while walking the group!  I am anxious to spread the good word on your product!  Hopefully it will lead to some sales for you!  Take care Brenda.  I have the cutest pictures too I can send to you.

Thank you so much Brenda, cannot wait to see the photos!