The tangle free multiple dog leash for 2 or 3 dogs


New Friendly Dog Leash Demonstration

Sue Stewart demonstrates how the Friendly Dog Leash untangles as she walks a small and a large dog.


Shirley From Colorado Writes

Hello Good Person:  Thank you so much for the Friendly Dog Leash.  My husband and I put the leash to the test today.  We are dog sitting our son’s dog, who is a American Eskimo, name Leiah.  High energy not particularly trained dog.  We placed our dog, a poodle mix on one side and my son’s dog on the other side.  Dolly, the poodle, is not high energy but she was able to keep up with the other dog.

What a delightful walk we had!  They traded spaces back and forth without any problem! We did not have to stop and untangle either dog!  My husband and I both commented what an ingenious invention the leash is.  Thank you so much.  We will have many more stress free walks using the Friendly Dog Leash!

I hope you are able to get outside and walk your dogs today using the BEST leash for two or more dogs that is on the market!


From Sue Stewart : Thank you Shirley! That makes me very happy!


Friendly Dog Leash and a Night at the Park


Another satisfied customer!

Friendly Dog leashes work with almost every type harness, collar or lead.


Mini Donkeys Get a New Friendly Dog Leash

Sue’s Story – This woman called me and what I thought she said was “I have too many doggies” and I laughed and said “that’s cute, too many doggies.” And she exclaims, “NO” “I have two mini donkeys”! The rest is history!

Owners of mini donkeys Eva and Zsa Zsa find that a Friendly Dog Leash more suited to the girls rather than traditional harnesses.


New Colors Added

New colors for small and large dog leads have been added. Red

New red leads for small dog leashes

Red for Small Leads

New orange leads for large dog leashes

Orange for Large leads


Improved T-Bolt Design

New T-Bolt design for our dual and triple tangle free dog leads

New T-Bolt design for 2016

Our new improved T-Bolt used on all dual and triple dog leads is now made of thicker aluminum making it the strongest yet. You can feel confident than ever that our Friendly Dog Leash will be tangle free and hold up to dogs that pull.


Another Happy Customer!

One of my clients, wrote me after sending her daughter a large dog leash.  She says:

“My daughter says, ‘that your leash system definitely makes it easier to walk her two rather unruly dogs’.  She’s happy that I bought it for her birthday and that makes me happy too! Thank you for all your caring!” Donna!


Thank you Donna, glad her likes it!


Greetings all, if you try to contact us at the 828-688-4083 number, it has been disconnected. I will be doing business on another number. That number will be posted on the website soon. Thank you!


Thrilled with The Friendly Dog Leash!!!

From: Brenda W. on 6/5/15:

Hello Sue:  I just received my two dog walker leashes and I must say, that I am not happy with them, I am THRILLED with them!!!!  I took the Chihuahuas out on a walk yesterday and they did perfect, with two dogs on two leashes.  I then added the third dog, then the fourth on one lead.  They did tangle themsevles up a bit at first, because that is alot of clips on one lead.  But then they got the swing of it and they all walked perfectly!  It was thrilling to walk all four on one leash, because it left my other hand free, for what else?  Dog clean up duty, LOL!!!  Thank you again, for the great service, a great product, and speedy shipping, even all the way up to the North Pole, Alaska!!!  Take care and I’m sure I will get noticed alot, while walking the group!  I am anxious to spread the good word on your product!  Hopefully it will lead to some sales for you!  Take care Brenda.  I have the cutest pictures too I can send to you.

Thank you so much Brenda, cannot wait to see the photos!




Friendly Dog Leash Walker Experience

Tabitha wrote to us about her situation “Hi! So many on the market just wanted to know how yours is different from rest as it is a bit higher in price. I presently have 2 year old corgi and 12 week old… can it accommodate size difference and will it grow with the pup? Lastly….how long is the leash – I tend to walk my dog on long retractable leash do I don’t want something too short. Thank you for your reply!!!”

Sue Stewart wrote back “Hi Tabitha: Thank you for inquiring about our leash. The leash is different from the standard coupler system, because of the “T-Bolt Design”. If you will go to our website, you will see photos and videos of how it works. It does work with different sized dogs. What type of dog is the puppy? That will depend on what size you will need to order. I am also going to write you an email from my personal account. Feel free to call also if you have any further questions.”

Tabitha’s experience “Leash is fantastic! Have used it twice and it truly has made bringing baby and big brother on walks together a no brainier! I shared your site with a corgi Facebook page (people from all over the world) so I hope you get some biz!!!”


Friendly Dog Leash Walker – T-bolt

Friendly Dog Leash Walker is simply the best multiple dog leash for two or three dogs of different sizes and that pull!