The tangle free multiple dog leash for 2 or 3 dogs


Friendly Dog Leash and a Night at the Park


Another satisfied customer!

Friendly Dog leashes work with almost every type harness, collar or lead.

2 Responses to Friendly Dog Leash and a Night at the Park

  1. Sue Stewart says:

    Thank you Shirley! That makes me very happy! Sue Stewart

  2. Shirley Skerjanc says:

    This came in from one of our customers: Shirley S. from Colorado writes:
    Hello Good Person: Thank you so much for the Friendly Dog Leash. My husband and I put the leash to the test today. We are dog sitting our son’s dog, who is a American Eskimo, name Leiah. High energy not particularly trained dog. We placed our dog , a poodle mix on one side and my son’s dog on the other side. Dolly, the poodle, is not high energy but she was able to keep up with the other dog.

    What a delightful walk we had! They traded spaces back and forth without any problem! We did not have to stop and untangle either dog! My husband and I both commented what an ingenious invention the leash is. Thank you so much. We will have many more stress free walks using the Friendly Dog Leash!

    I hope you are able to get outside and walk your dogs today using the BEST leash for two or more dogs that is on the market!

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